February 2014 Update

Apologies for the delay in getting this up – we’ve had a bit of a complicated handover of people working on the PLC over the past month! An update follows – if you have any questions, please leave a comment or contact anday[at]bas[dot]ac[dot]uk .


We now have a provisional schedule. Speakers have been contacted, and we are waiting on some final details before putting it online. A brief outline:

  • Sunday 29 June – informal gathering in the afternoon for early arrivals
  • Monday 30 June – First day of the Colloquy, at the Scott Polar Research Institute – theme “collaborating”. Includes a morning guest keynote speaker, and an afternoon tour of the museum and library at the Scott Polar.
  • Tuesday 1 July – Second day of the Colloquy, at the British Antarctic Survey – theme “communities”. Includes the afternoon poster session and – hopefully! – a film session.
  • Wednesday 2 July – Third day of the Colloquy, at the Scott Polar Research Institute – theme “communication”. The afternoon will include visits to other institutions in Cambridge, and the conference dinner will be held in the evening.
  • Thursday 3 July – Fourth day of the Colloquy, at the British Antarctic Survey – theme “collections”. Includes the Colloquy business meeting and the award of the William Mills Prize.
  • Friday 4 July – coach trip to London. We will be arranging visits to a number of institutions, some polar-oriented and some not. Return travel to Cambridge will be provided, but we expect some people will want to travel onwards from London.

We are still welcoming suggestions for posters – please do get in touch if you would like to submit one!

Registration and Booking

Registration is not yet open, as we are still finalising the exact ticket prices. A registration form should be posted before the end of the month. For information, we currently expect that the registration fees will be around £120-130 (US$200-220, or 145-160 Euro), which includes individual membership of the Colloquy as well as lunches during the conference. It will also include travel within Cambridge and to London on the Friday. We intend to offer a day rate, for the benefit of those who may wish to only attend a single day, tentatively priced at £35.

Accommodation can be booked separately – we have organised a block of rooms at Churchill College, priced at £59/night (reference code SPI21190), but you are of course welcome to make your own arrangements!

The conference dinner will also be priced separately, giving flexibility if you wish to opt out, or if you wish to buy an extra ticket for a partner travelling with you. A price for this will be announced later.

If you are interested in applying for the Hubert Wenger Award, which provides a scholarship to attend the Colloquy, please remember that the deadline to apply is 31 March.

Travel Advice

A number of visitors are already booking their travel arrangements and looking into how to get to Cambridge itself.

The easiest way to get here from overseas is via London, by rail from London Kings Cross (£35-45 return). There are connections to Kings Cross from both Heathrow airport (via the Underground, £5.70 return) and Gatwick airport (via St. Pancras, £19 return). If you are able to fly into Stansted airport (mostly regional/budget airlines), there is a direct train from there to Cambridge.


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  1. Love the daily themes – very cool!

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